Eight female former waitresses and bartenders of the Dream Hotel's AVA Roof Lounge have filed a lawsuit claiming that they were routinely sexually harassed by the owner and general manager. AVA Lounge owner Richard Addison and general manager Jason Ash are accused of sexing-up the "chilled out" lounge, routinely groping female employees and referring to them as "whores" and "f--- sticks." To their credit, who wouldn't want impromptu "best-ass contests" in their workplace?

The 25-page complaint alleges that Ash would brag of his sexual conquests among the female staff, which allegedly included snorting cocaine off the naked body of a female employee; Ash would also allegedly announce via two-way radio when he noticed that people were having sex in the building across the street. They were also allegedly threatened with termination if they didn't dress sexier. "They basically harassed every single female that worked there," said lawyer Mark Stumer. "It was constant, it was pervasive and it was every day."

Former employee Christine Anderson says she was nicknamed "Double Ds" and "T--s" by the two, and said she was falsely accused of stealing and then fired for complaining about Ash's horndog behavior. "Throughout Plaintiff Anderson's employment at AVA Lounge, Defendant Ash would ask her if she was wearing any underwear and what color it was," the suit says. "He told her that it would be better if she didn't wear any underwear to work."

Another woman, Charkarmaly Sidney, claims Addison and Ash would "inappropriately" rub against her and threaten to fire her if her breasts continued "shriveling." "Defendant Ash threatened to terminate Sidney if she refused to wear a push up bra to work," the suit says.