Say there, did you know that World Nutella Day is coming up? No? Well, sure, it's hard to keep track when there's a totally arbitrary food day pretty much every 24 hours, but still, this seems like a big one. Nutella, people! It's been banned from Gothamist's house because Gothamist loses all self-control when a jar is within a 20-foot radius.

Anyhow, in honor of World Nutella Day, you might as well go all out and subject your arteries to a massive assault, and what food is even more dangerous than Nutella in that respect? Bacon, duh. Bacon and Nutella, together, with chili powder and black pepper for an extra kick. Yeah, it exists—here's the recipe. Or you could just microwave some Hormel strips and dip them into the chocolate-hazelnut jar, but you know, this recipe makes the unholy combination slightly more acceptable. The good news is that February 5th is a Sunday, so you can eat the whole batch and not have to face anyone in public for another 24 hours. Pair with chicken and waffle wings and enjoy!