2007_02_foodcheeto.jpg“I don’t eat anything with a face” is the oft-cited dinnertime proclamation of many vegetarians when faced with dumb questions and pointless cross-examination from meat eaters. “Well, do you eat eggs?” the meat eater asks, “Cause an egg eventually has a face.” The vegetarian shakes her head. The meat eater, content with some pseudo-philosophical victory, usually chortles, and proceeds to bury his face in a giant pile of hot dogs topped with bacon and chili cheese. The vegetarian waits patiently for salad. It’s a all-too-common scenario.

Now, as if to further blur the lines between ovo-lacto, vegan, and just plain greasy comes The Amy Sedaris Craft Challenge, an "America's Next Top Food Stylist" contest of sorts. Up-to-date entries can be seen here on Flickr. The rules of the contest are simple: slap some googly eyes on any foodstuff: animal, vegetable, or, um, mineral, and submit a snapshot to the Flickr pool by noon tomorrow, February 8. The following day Sedaris appears on WNYC’s Leonard Lopate Show and will announce the winner, who receives an autographed copy of I Like You, the consummate hostesses’ “hospitality cookbook,” in exchange for their brilliance and craftsmanship. But wait, there’s more. In keeping with the notion that every party home needs a party cake, Sedaris will also give away one of her signature fake cakes. When combined with one of those weird little boutique candles that smell like a potpourri bakery, this fake cake is sure to thwart even the most determined party pooper, or at least until a real cake comes tumbling out of the oven and is slicked with butter cream.

Check out the Flickr stream, or head on over to Blick Art Materials for a jumbo 144 pack of googly eyes. That’s 72 photos you can take with one pack. Your time is running out.

Photo credit: "single cheeto seeks same," from Phairkarol’s Flickr photostream.