The pastry wizards at Union Square's Breads Bakery never cease to amaze our tastebuds with their incredible confection creations. This month, they're celebrating a New York City tradition: the cheesecake. Each week they'll offer up a different flavor of the traditional dessert, from classic to a mashup with one of the bakery's signature offerings.

For their launch today, the bakery is stuffing their delicious babka with a creamy cheese filling studded with raisins. After sampling a slice delivered to our office, our own Rebecca Fishbein declared "it was like eating an orgasm." Take that how you will. That cake will be available for $12.95 per loaf or two for $20, which is a pretty great deal considering the outcome.

Classic Cheesecake

After that on May 8th comes the No Bake Cheesecake ($8 for a personal-sized cake), an Italian style, ricotta cheesecake that comes with a streusel topping. Next up, a Passion Fruit Cheesecake ($8 for slice, $37 for a cake) on May 15th, a combination of cream and farmer's cheeses, passion fruit and white chocolate chantilly cream, followed by the Breads Bakery's Classic Cheesecake ($8 for slice, $37 for a cake) on May 22nd. But if you want a...sensual...experience, best to head over now to grab that babka beauty.