For the next few nights, Le Cirque chef Craig Hopson is teaming up with the Guerrilla Culinary Brigade to serve four-course dinners at the top of the Hotel on Rivington, which boasts spectacular views of downtown Manhattan. There's a different seasonal menu each night of "The Feast: L.E.S Cirque," putting a different ingredient center stage. Last night at a press preview, the series debuted with succulent lobster, tonight it's watermelon, and Friday it's sweet corn. But Thursday night features our absolute summertime favorite: Heirloom tomatoes.

We're right at the peak of heirloom tomato season, so we're curious to see what Hopson does with these beauties. The first course is a Fried Heirloom Salad with Confit Bacon and Caper Aioli. Next, Hopson's serving Steamed Black Bass with Tomato Chutney and Raw Tomato Vinaigrette. For the third course, there's a Veal Chop with Heirloom Tomato Succotash, and for dessert: Vanilla Poached Tomato with Strawberries and Basil Ice Cream. The whole shebang costs $125 with tax/tip, which isn't so crazy considering it comes with Grey Goose cocktail pairings, a pre-dinner cocktails on the open-air roof, and an open bar.