For a city that offers food from all corners of the globe at all hours of the night, there are surprisingly few places for New Yorkers to have the opportunity to dine in the dark. Camaje in the West Village is one option, but "blind dining franchise" Dans Le Noir has had a rough time getting things off the ground. Fortunately for diners desperate to grope blindly for their food, Dining in the Dark is coming to The Breslin for a limited-time engagement next month.

This take comes from a group called Opaque, which has put on similar events in California. "You are literally lead into a completely pitch black dining room and guided through the evening by a server who is blind or visually impaired," Opaque's Chris Lynch told us. They're planning a five-course meal with chef April Bloomfield, and though there will be both "classic" and "vegetarian" menus available, Lynch was tight-lipped on details: "It's part of the experience to not know what you're receiving," he says. Opaque will be taking over the Breslin's dining room Sept 22-25, with tickets going for $149-$159. Contact or call 646-480-7674 to reserve a spot.