If there's one thing George Lucas is good at besides ruining continuity, angering fans and coming up with terrible MacGuffins, it's merchandising. And no franchise has been more merchandising-friendly than Star Wars, from Mets social media nights to C-3PO's cereal to R2-D2 aquariums. The latest tie-in? A French fast food chain is launching the Darth Vader Burger on a very unappetizing black bun. We're just surprised they didn't use the tag line, "May the fries be with you."

Fast food chain Quick is launching the burger to promote the re-release of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in 3D. Lest you think the burnt-looking bun of the Darth Vader Burger might be Russian black bread or something interesting like that, it's not: Daily Mail reports they are in fact simply dyed. In addition to the Darth Vader Burger, there is also the more conventional-looking Jedi Burger.

The burgers will only be available through March 1st, so Star Wars über-fans better book a flight to Paris ASAP. Or if they want to avoid a disturbance in their stomachs, they could just join up with the 501st Legion and cook up some homemade delights.