Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio is defending your right to buy seltzer, matzo and kosher goodies imported from Israel at the Park Slope Food Co-op. Late last month, members of the food co-op finally decided to schedule a vote on whether to vote to ban Israeli-made food products. And DeBlasio is piling on to make sure Park Slope doesn't forsake Israel.

“The inflammatory proposal to boycott products from the State of Israel is wrongheaded and an affront to American values and interests,” DeBlasio declared yesterday, according to the New York Daily News. After three years debate, the Park Slop Food Co-op will vote on a decision to hold a referendum on boycotting Israel at the co-op's March General Meeting Tuesday night. Yes, they're voting on whether to vote. It's probably going to be a long night, but hopefully somebody will live-tweet it.

If the referendum is passed, members will be asked whether or not they want to boycott food produced in Israel. While the cooperative knows that banning matzo won't serve any real financial blow to Israel, some members believe the move is an important symbolic gesture. Of course, the money Israel stands to lose is a mere atom in the massive ocean that is US-to-Israel foreign aid, but somehow Mayor Bloomberg and DeBlasio have still decided it's important they weigh in. "We should be encouraging Israel to have more business with us and us with them, not discouraging it," Bloomberg told reporters yesterday.