Next week, pitmaster Tyson Ho debuts his long awaited beer hall and pork palace Arrogant Swine, bringing yet another casual spot for over-indulging in meats and spirits to Bushwick. Flushing-born Ho—who trained with lauded NC master Ed Mitchell—opens up the 5,000 square foot, indoor-outdoor spot next Wednesday, where he'll be pouring pints of Founders and fingers of whiskey while dishing out plates of whole hog smoked on-site.

Though he's dubbed the space a "Church of Pork," Ho says the new spot will be as focused on the beer as it is the barbecue. Ho tells us that the aforementioned Founders will "always have a place" at his bar while the rest of the beer program is still being fleshed out. The beverages continue with mostly "brown liquids," he tells us, aiming for a list of locally made whiskeys, bourbons and ryes.

Out back, a cheery red shipping container serves as a makeshift kitchen and food service area, where the team will be picking the pork and other meat-centric eats. Though not set in stone yet, Ho tells us the menu will definitely include the whole hog, outside brown pork shoulder—the "super-porky bark-like crust that develops on smoked pork shoulder"—turkey and some kind of homemade sausage.

Also in the outdoor space: murals by Bushwick Collective, who are responsible for lots of street art adorning walls throughout the neighborhood. Ho says they plan to change the murals out every few months to keep things fresh.

173 Morgan Avenue; website. Open 5 p.m. daily and closing at 2 a.m. Sunday through Thursday, 4 a.m. Friday and Saturday