Taqueria Café El Presidente has made a splash since opening in Flatiron earlier this year. And for the next two weeks they'll be taking diners on a regional taco tour of Mexico, offering up a new taco special hailing from a different Mexican state each day.

Café el Presidente, the sister eatery to taqueria favorite Tacombi, will run the series in tandem with the release of Mexico: The Cookbook, which comes out on October 27th, since Tacombi’s executive chef, Jason DeBriere, has featured recipes in the book. They haven't listed any of the specialty tacos yet, so you'll have to wait for the surprise—expect all the tacos to be homemade, super fresh and flavorful, plus you'll get a small taste of the culinary distinctions in some of Mexico's 31 states.

The taco tour launches Monday, and runs through November 2nd. Break out your stretchy pants while you've still got time.