It's not just the Jefftown moniker that's pissing off some Bushwick locals but also the large influx of bars and nightlife establishments that have come with the neighborhood's rise in popularity. Unsurprisingly as these things go, the local community board has begun a campaign to derail the amount of bars mushrooming in the trendy 'hood and they're hoping to get the support of local politicos as well, reports DNAinfo. And so it goes.

Community Board 4 members are hoping to "halt the influx" of new liquor licenses to the area, which district manager Nadine Whitted says has seen a large uptick in recent years. In fact, the influx has been so great that the CB started holding extra meetings last year just to deal with the demand for more places to flaunt your micropeen. The board also voted to issue midnight curfews for certain establishments on certain days. This time around, board members are debating a five year hiatus on new licenses, though it really all comes down to the SLA.

"People are having real concerns about that kind of activity going on at night, seven days a week, oftentimes beyond midnight," Whitted said at a meeting last week. The SLA's handy map shows dozens of on-premises licenses either active or currently pending, most of which are clustered between the L and M lines. As much as the scourge of tippling hipsters should be of concern in the gentrifying neighborhood, the CB shouldn't discount the other bumbling threat terrorizing the area.