Walter White ascended to that big meth lab in the sky when Breaking Bad concluded three years ago, but Heisenberg lives on at Walter's Coffee Roastery, now manufacturing cold brew in Bushwick.

The shop was founded by Deniz Kosan, a really, REALLY huge fan of the show, who opened the first branch in Istanbul, Turkey, before opening this second location at the end of August. Another location is opening soon in Dubai, too. In case you forgot, coffee plays a pretty big role in the series.

The interior of the roastery gives off an industrial vibe akin to that of a laboratory, with a yellow, gray, and white color scheme reminiscent of the series. The menu, which is designed to resemble the periodic table, furthers this theme, and the spacious coffee shop is as well-stocked as Walt's laundromat lab, with glass beakers, vials, and Erlenmeyer flasks adorning the shelves behind the counter.

Panda, the shop's manager, said they chose Bushwick as a way to offer a hub for the community, where freelancers and artists from the neighborhood can come to work. "I've had a man come in here with a synthesizer working on a song, a table of people editing a film," Panda said. "A group also likes to hold their meetings in the back." There are lots of outlets and high speed internet, too.

When asked if the customers who frequent Walter's Coffee Roastery are big fans of Breaking Bad, Panda revealed that "a lot of people who come here have watched the show or have at least heard of it. Someone who's from the town that Breaking Bad was filmed in actually came all the way here to try the coffee. We also get people who know nothing about it. Some people didn't even know that Walter is a character on the show. I remember this one time a woman came in here and it only dawned on her an hour later that the coffee shop is themed after a show."

Walter's sources its beans from the Pulley Collective in Red Hook, and the coffee shop houses a Maven espresso machine, which has a PID controller that controls temperature to a tenth of a degree, an appropriate homage to Gale Boetticher's obsessive brewing machine. Temperature stabilization is extremely important in coffee extraction, as coffee must must be extracted at the same rate throughout for quality. Science, bitch!

The coffee shop hosts your traditional line of coffee and espresso drinks, and, according to Panda, they "do them pretty well". After the coffee, the second most popular drink is the Iced Dirty Chai, made from Dona Chai concentrate, and they serve a Todd Cold Brew, named after the child-killing character.

But what sets the coffee shop apart are their Lemon Brews and Latte Shakes. The Lemon Brew is cold brew mixed with lemonade, which Panda describes as "really refreshing and takes people by surprise," and the Latte Shake is an espresso blended with ice cream.

The coffee shop also sells pastries from Balthazar Bakery that are delivered fresh each morning.

Watch out for Walter's Coffee Roastery at the NYC Craft Coffee Festival on October 1st. They'll be the folks in hazmat suits keeping their goods in dry ice.

Walter's Coffee Roastery is located at 65 Irving Avenue in Bushwick. Open 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. on weekdays, and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends.