It's been two years since "bone broth" became a thing in NYC and, improbably, there's no osteoporosis in this trend. Brodo—"stock" to people who know food terminology—isn't a new concept, but chef Marco Canora of the West Village restaurant Hearth, put the technique on the map. Even cartons of mass-produced chicken stock are being rebranded as bone broth nowadays.

Still, there's enduring confusion about what Canora's offering, and with a new West Village shop opening this week, he's hoping to dispel some misconceptions. "If one more person says, 'Oh, it's soup,' I'm going to chew their face off," Canora confided to Grub Street.

Whereas the original East Village window and the Bryant Park kiosk are both take out operations, the new, larger shop seems more in line with a cafe. There, Canora's introducing brodo whipped up with fats like grass-fed ghee (clarified butter) and bone marrow. "It’s incredibly like a cappuccino," Canora explains. Grub Street's glamor shots of the hot beverages do look shockingly like what's being frothed up at high end coffee shops.

Our initial evaluation of Brodo's offerings was mixed, but a meat cappuccino bears revisiting.