Earlier this year, before everyone was angry at him about the trains, Governor Cuomo threw his weight behind the idea of allowing regular movie theaters to serve beer and wine, even if they don't have a kitchen and table seating, like Nitehawk and Alamo Drafthouse. Well, it looks like you're going to have to keep brown bagging it at the movies, because the latest word from Albany is that the bill won't be passed by the end of the session this week.

The NY Post reports that Bronx Democrat and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie put the kibosh on the bill, playing the "think of the children card." Heastie said that his opposition stems from wanting people to be able to "take children to a movie theater and not have to worry about the sobriety of people next to them."

According to The Democrat and Chronicle, supporters of the measure tried to win support by allowing localities outside of the city to opt-out of letting theaters apply for the booze licenses, but it wasn't enough. So, for the time being, looks like you'll have to keep bringing cold ones to the theater yourself and cracking them open during the loudest part of a preview in an attempt to hide the noise. Not that I would know anything about that.