According to the NY Post, an Occupy Wall Street protester had a temper tantrum in the McDonald's near Zuccotti Park yesterday, after employees allegedly refused to give him free food. Fisika Bezabeh, 27, allegedly ripped a credit-card reader from a counter and threw it at workers just after 2 a.m. last night (could he have an relation to boxer Fasika Bezabeh?). However, the Post specifies that Bezabeh was only "seen hanging out" with protesters, so it's unclear whether he actually is part of OWS, or just one of a growing number of rabble rousers who have descended upon Zuccotti to stir up trouble and inspire some fun headlines for the rag.

After all, the Post hasn't exactly been Occupy Wall Street's biggest fan since its inception—but their contempt for OWS has blossomed this week into an all-out hit job, with catty cover headlines ("Zoo-Cotti!"), bitter editorials, and lots of exclusives about "protesters"—or you know, anyone hanging out in lower Manhattan, regardless of associations—behaving badly.

To that end, they also report today that, as their misleading headline put it, "'Occupy' bum busted for peeing on cop car." But in the story itself, they clarify that 26-year-old Edgar Rivera is a drunken man who has "been crashing with the Occupy Wall Street protesters" was arrested for urinating on an NYPD van parked next to Zuccotti Park. But hey, this is a newspaper who labels a photo of a WWII veteran struck and killed by an NYPD car as "geezerkilled". Right click on the photo for a healthy dollop of outrage.