goonies.jpgIf you consider yourself a child of the '80s, chances are the Steven Spielberg movie The Goonies (1985) holds a special place in your heart. This Friday and Saturday, it's the Midnight Movie at the Sunshine Theater on Houston Street at First Avenue. The programmers at this weekly event have been going mach-ten on the nostalgia factor this summer with earlier showings of flicks like the Dark Crystal and the Muppets Take Manhattan, and Gothamist heartily approves.

Who's your favorite Goonie? Though the entire cast including Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, Josh Brolin, Martha Plimpton, Joe "Joey Pants" Pantiliano, Jonathan Ke Quan et al is top notch, we think we're most partial to Jeff Cohen, aka Chunk. Any former child star who would run for student body president at the University of California, Berkeley on the slogan "Vote For Chunk" and win, is all right in our book. According to IMDB, he's now an entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles. Best of luck to you Chunk, we still love you nearly 20 years later.

Learn more than you ever wanted to know about The Goonies, plus track industry rumors about a potential sequel (!) at the Goonies Homepage. Norah Pierson stalked Chunk a few years ago and wrote about it for Salon.