Harrelson hosting in 1989.

Your next Saturday Night Live host, ICYMI, is Woody Harrelson—who has recently been enjoying a bit of a Harrelsonaissance. While the actor will likely be there promoting the next Hunger Games movie, there has to be a True Detective sketch... hopefully with (the real, this time) Matthew McConaughey (who has only hosted once, way back in 2003).

Harrelson has hosted twice before, but not in the past 22 years. His previous hosting duties took place on November 18th, 1989 (with David Byrne as the musical guest), and May 16th, 1992, (with Vanessa Williams as the musical guest). This time around Kendrick Lamar is delivering on the music front.

NBC makes it pretty difficult to share their expansive SNL archives, but if you click on the above links they will take you to Harrelson's previous opening monologues.