Yuck! New Year's Eve is only two weeks away, and that means everyone you know will soon be asking about your plans. Normally we stay indoors on December 31, better to avoid being vomitted on by drunken tourists streaming towards Times Square. The Ask.Mefites seem to have similar feelings-- you won't be seeing them anywhere near 42nd Street. Upcoming.org has a growing list of NYE activities-- but nothing seems all that appetizing. If you really must go out, here's our top five suggestions right now:

1. Fireworks in Prospect Park (off Prospect Park West, at midnight!)
2. Fireworks in Central Park (at the Great Meadow)
3. They Might Be Giants @ NorthSix (11pm 21+ show)
4. Clap Your Hands @ Irving Plaza
5. Cook dinner, stay in for the night, watch the ball drop on NY1!

Do you guys have any ideas for New Year's activities that aren't totally gross and overcrowded?