This isn't a competition, but I am a little shocked that we've all been transfixed by a duck* for six months when this majestic blue creature has been lurking around New York City all along. It looks like something that was created in the design studio for the 1980s Jim Henson/Frank Oz fantasy film The Dark Crystal. Or a mythical creature that has crossed over from an alternate universe to join us in this one, possibly in an effort to deliver some apocalyptic prophecy. I'm no bird expert, but I'm pretty sure this one is immortal, or at the very least, cyclically regenerates or is reborn, like a phoenix.

What do we mortals call it? A Great Blue Heron. And it was spotted recently at the Pond in Central Park. Sure, it doesn't look like a New Yorker, but it's not a new arrival in these parts. David Barrett—who runs Manhattan Bird Alert—told me that it has "been at the Pond nearly all winter!" He added that "it's common in the park most of the year, though only in small numbers." It's just a bit more camera shy than the duck and most other birds, which is likely because it fears that humans will try to capture it and drain it of its magical powers in a laboratory.

Anyway, until someone snaps the ultimate photograph of Mandarin Patinkin riding this thing as it soars through the sky into the sunset as the world burns behind it, we are going to need some photoshops, please.

*We still love you, Mandarin Patinkin.

P.S. Yes, the above images seem to have enhanced the color, but this bird is still dope AF.