Triumph The Insult Comic Dog only emerges from his extended hibernation a few times a year at best these days, so we cherish any opportunity to witness him pooping on well-intentioned people across the United States. NYers were in for a treat last week when Triumph went to various bars around Astoria to soak in the "flashmob of horrible BO" and hilariously poop on World Cup fans. Watch it below.

"The excitement of minimal contact, the thrill of low-scoring," he intones. "If you like watching porn in reverse, this sport is for you." He parties with the Colombian fans with fake cocaine, discovers all Greek fans work at diners, and mocks the "easter egg"-like colors of Uruguayan fans. And there is the promise of more Triumph/World Cup action soon.

"Everyone is cheering their countries in their favorite sport," Triumph says. "The rest of the world calls it football. In America, we call it a 'fucking waste of time.'"