Though we've yet to meet a person who enjoyed it, Spider-Man: Bring Out Your Dead Turn Off The Dark turns out to be a moneymaking (if not yet profitable) hit for its producers and Disney corporate overlords. So clearly it's time for them to start digging into their Marvel pockets for another property to make into a Broadway smash. To that end, our first thought was that a Fantastic Four musical could be a campy kick...but then we saw this amazingly edited X-Men: The Animated Musical video, and well, see for yourself:

Who'd have thunk Magneto and Professor X would lend themselves so well to Defying Gravity? Plus, if Marvel goes the X-Men musical route, we have a hunch they could rope Hugh "Broadway Baby" Jackman to reprise his Wolverine role. Plus, Broadway would be the perfect place to bring back everyone's favorite disco mutant Dazzler!

[h/t Bad TV Blog]