The tentative peace agreement between New Yorkers and Raccoonkind has been held together with trash and Chinese food in recent years, to the point that some NYers have even started to keep them as pets. One such raccoon was spotted on the subway last week, nibbling out of a bowl of food like a real etiquette-breaking human.

The NYC subway has officially turned into a goddamn Six Flags Safari #subwaycreatures (@brookehogan1)

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Australian model Brooke Hogan was visiting town and traveling on an uptown 6 train last Tuesday when she spotted the scene. As NBC wrote existentially, "It's not clear from the video why the woman had a raccoon, or why she brought it on the subway." According to the city, NYers "may not possess a raccoon without a license, and licenses are not issued for pet wildlife," which sounds like a real catch-22. But they do encourage co-existence with the creatures, so maybe they are sending some mixed signals.

Other questions we have: if you do somehow figure out a way to adopt a (legal) pet raccoon and then decide to bring them on the subway with you, would they have to be in a bag like dogs? What does one feed a raccoon? Could there be such a thing as raccoon-spreading? And what are the chances that the woman in the video is Zardulu?

Based on previous experiences, Hogan, and everyone else, might want to think twice before they try to Instagram a raccoon, lest you end up with a gnawed leg.