Because of our small apartments, few New Yorkers who grew up in the city ever get to enjoy the fun of a good model train set. Instead, most of us had to get our model jollies rewatching Beetlejuice and visiting the spectacular NYC Panorama at the Queens Museum. But that was then. For the last 11 years the MTA's Transit Museum has been doing its part to give big and small kids a bit of model fun with its annual train show—and now you don't even have to go to Grand Central to take their multi-level train set for a spin:

The fun really starts at about the :25 second mark when the little train starts zooming around, up and down, the whole set. Remember when you were little and you'd make your parents stand at the front of the subway train so you could look at the tunnel zoom by? It is like that, but mini!

If you still aren't quite in the mood for Monday, this should help you hold on to the weekend a little longer! Or you can go and check the whole thing out yourself, the 34' bit o' fun will be on display at Grand Central Terminal through February 10, 2013.