Last month word came out the Michael Douglas was battling throat cancer, at which time he said he was optimistic about a full recovery. Now as he makes the press rounds promoting his latest role in Wall Street II, he's talking about the battle some more.

Last night the actor was on Letterman, where he told the late night host he faces an "eight-week struggle," but is still optimistic. He just finished his first week of radiation and chemotherapy, which shocked the host, who declared, "You've never looked better to me, and this proves that you're a tough guy, for God's sakes."

For real! Douglas wasn't just diagnosed with a little bit of cancer, this is late stage-four cancer, which he says is "intense" (he attributes it to drinking). He joked with Letterman about his spirits, saying, "Let's just say... I'm pretty lit up right now." Hopefully that kind of humor, and the fact that it hasn't spread below the neck, will keep the 65-year-old strong enough... so that maybe one day we can see a Wonder Boys II? Watch his appearance below (including the aw-worthy moment where Letterman asks him if he needs anything, and he says, "Ahh, give me a hug.")