On Thursday night, the Mets and Marlins took to Citi Field. As Lewis Brinson stepped up to bat, players from each dugout came out to line the field. Both teams took off their hats, and bowed their heads in a 42-second moment of silence.

Following the moment of silence, the teams walked off the field. Brinson left a Black Lives Matter shirt behind, draped over home plate.

"So it would appear, after a poignant moment, that the Mets and Marlins will not be playing baseball tonight," Mets announcer Gary Cohen said during the broadcast.

The 42 seconds of silence were a nod to Jackie Robinson, who wore the same number. Friday is Jackie Robinson Day.

The Mets held a meeting at 3 p.m. on Thursday, according to MLB.com — "Many of them offered their support for [Dominic] Smith, who had taken a knee during Wednesday’s national anthem and spoken emotionally afterward about the toll of racial inequality, saying through tears: 'Being a Black man in America is not easy.' The message resonated in both clubhouses, where player reps Michael Conforto and Miguel Rojas began discussing options for a protest at Citi Field." Ahead of these discussions, the Mets had made it clear they had no intention of playing ball.

Smith said later, "What people don’t understand is this is way bigger than baseball. This is life. This is humanity."

The Mets join players from nearly every professional sports league, who have participated in a strike against police brutality following the police shooting of Jacob Blake.