aliberty0312.jpgSurely by now you've heard of Amanda Liberty (nee Whittaker), the 27-year-old British woman who fell in love with the Statue of Liberty last year. Amanda has "objectum sexuality," and has gone public with her orientation. Most recently discussing her relationship in the interview below. She says, "I've lived with her since last June and since then I've lost 4 stone in weight because I'm so happy with her." While she has had relationships with men, she says that "My heart tells me to go with Lady Liberty, I think that's more important than anything else."

Why Lady Liberty? "I just love the way that she looks, I love what she stands for, I just love everything about her." Though Amanda says she doesn't think she has the right to marry Liberty, "because she doesn't belong to me," so she makes due with her visits to New York, and her own collection of Liberty statues at home (and things like this torch pictured to the right). She explains her ideal moment with the real Statue of Liberty, saying, "What I would love to do is just sit at the bottom, near the railings, at the edge of the island, and just watch the sunset with her. To hear the sounds of the waves. To smell the city. I can deal with what I can get when I'm on the island with her, I can be satisfied to look at her, to visit her crown... I do like to put my hand out and touch her hair."