On Thursday night, Jimmy Fallon narrowly escaped a brawl at East Village bar Niagara. "Fallon was pretty shaken up," a source told the Daily News about the incident. "He was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and chaos erupted around him." But apparently it didn't shake him up too much, since Fallon was back out on the town Friday night, giving out shots at a Chelsea bar—and it was caught on video.

"He knows the owner of the bar," Richie Alexander, who took the video, told the Post about the scene. "I tried to buy him a shot, but he says he doesn’t do shots, so I bought him a beer. I guess so many other people were offering to buy him a shot, that he just bought the whole bar a shot of vodka."

Fallon has been known to take (in the words of Maureen Dowd) his "ingratiating boy next door" vibe and step behind the bar from time to time around the city. In 2009, he jumped behind the bar "at Marc Forione and started pouring shots for everyone in the house," and he's been spotted even more recently than that doing so at Two Boots Williamsburg‘s opening party.

Alexander was cagey about exactly which bar Fallon was at, blaming his forgetfulness on drunkeness: "We just walked in off the street,” he explained. "It was somewhere around 23rd and 10th." If you know what bar it was, let us know.