It's been nearly two years since the last edition of Between Two Ferns, but Zach Galifianakis and the show are back today with a new episode featuring Jerry Seinfeld, which the host was clearly excited about: "It's like I Love The '90s, I might as well have Lorena Bobbitt as a guest." Galifianakis saluted several of his projects, including Seinfeld ("been a real launching pad for whites"), Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee ("What's next in lazy car-based non-comedy?") and Bee Movie ("Shouldn't it have been named D- movie?").

Seinfeld countered, "Do you think if they only made one Hangover and didn't make the other two it would be considered a comedy classic? Do you think that you destroyed what would have been a comedy classic by the cash grab of two and three?" Galifianakis replied: "Let me ask you a question: do you have relatives who need emergency surgery all the time? Well I do!"

Wayne Knight pops up for a quick and awkward Seinfeld reunion, Galifianakis tries out some of his millennial catchphrases, and then Cardi B shows up to bump Jerry J (the J is for Jew). "That was the opposite of what happened with Kesha," Seinfeld noted after Cardi B ignored his attempt at a hug.

To give you a sense of how quickly time passes these days, the last guest on the show was "President Hillary Clinton" in 2016; the time before that included Louis C.K.

Make sure you stick around for Galifianakis's closing stand-up routine. I can think of at least one person who must be very happy with all this: