Whoa whoa whoa: The seminal 1979 Walter Hill film, The Warriors, about warring NYC gangs is going to be remade! Tony Scott will direct the film, based on a screenplay by Sopranos writer Terrence Winter, which makes us think there will be some flashy car chases, lots of explosions, and bodies being cut up. The Hollywood Reporter says "Scott's version will follow the outline of the first film -- in which a gang leader is assassinated during a truce, and The Warriors, wrongly accused of the assassination, must make their way home through hostile gang territories -- while updating the heightend reality of the original film for contemporary audiences. " Gothamist's questions, which are really veiled demands: Will it be set in New York City? Will it be filmed in New York? Can you really remake that film for contemporary audiences used to clean subways or safer Coney Island?

Terrence Winter's bio notes that he's from Brooklyn, went to NYU and got his law degree from St. John's. He also co-wrote the Pine Barrens episode with Tim Van Patten.