WABC's Bill BeutelGrowing up in NJ, I would watch the local NY stations for news. So I realize I'm older when I WABC anchor Bill Beutel was retiring. He was always a very sturdy presence. He also had listened to coverage of the Battle of Britain during his childhood (!). There are a few other newscasters that are familiar to me from my childhood: CBS's Ernie Anastos, WNBC's Michele Marsh who used to be on WCBS, and my personal favorite, WNBC's Chuck Scarborough. Currently, I'm predisposed to WNBC's newscasts...I think they are much better than WCBS or WABC, from reporters' personalities and quality of reporting to just the set design. If you live in the New York metro area long enough, you see some newscasters rotate amongst the local networks, especially with the younger WB and UPN newscasts.