Kids on the set of KIDS, 1994. (Photo by Gunars Elmuts via Kickstarter)

This is "the inside story of the kids who influenced KIDS," explains Hamilton Harris in the below video. Harris also happens to be the kid who rolls a blunt in the park in KIDS. He was one of many that were found by Larry Clark & Co—some discovered through combing the streets, and others through a casting call that was announced via this flyer.

Now Harris is asking, "Why was we running around the streets 24 hours a day, why was we smoking weed in the park, why was we drinking malt liquor, what was we running from, why skating in the streets, why the hell are we skating in the streets of New York City with this traffic?" The real kids will tell their story in an upcoming documentary, called The Kids, which is now being funded through Kickstarter. And it sounds pretty promising:

"Our film, currently in pre-production, will capture the formative, vital, and at times traumatic emotional magnitude that the kids from KIDS experienced before, during, and after the film’s inception and global success. We'll not only highlight how various cultural displays of inner turmoil manifested as they did, but also celebrate the 1990s: the dying breath of old New York. This is the unprecedented look at the real life stories behind Kids, being made from the inside out because we are, in fact, THE KIDS.

"We grew up in the 1980s and ‘90s when New York City subcultures thrived: skateboarding, pre-gentrified downtown, Hip Hop, punk, and the rave and club scenes. KIDS barely glossed the surface of the poverty, racism, and segregation we experienced in real life, behind the scenes.

"With Larry Clark himself fully supporting the project, our documentary will weave together never-before-seen archival material from the ‘80s and ‘90s with intimate, present-day interviews featuring the core cast of characters from KIDS."

Check out their pitch below, as well as a teaser trailer.