Jeez, CMJ is only a week away! We have already announced the Saturday lineup for our unofficial CMJ day party, and now we'd like to give you the bands scheduled for next Thursday, November 2nd. All the shows will be at The White Rabbit on East Houston, and all the bands are preparing acoustic, or otherwise stripped down sets to perform. Shows are free to attend (21+). No badges, no cover, nothing like that. Here we go...

2:15 - Pela (myspace)
3:00 - Devastations (myspace)
3:45 - Land of Talk (myspace)
4:30 - Tall Hands (myspace)
5:15 - Bound Stems (myspace)
6:00 - Snowden (myspace)
6:45 - Apples in Stereo (myspace)
7:30 - TBA!

We'll be announcing the Friday lineup, as well as that final band in the next few days, so stay tuned!