So, Ross woke up and found himself next to Suzanne Pleshette. Joey found the one-armed man in the basement of Central Perk. The Korean War ended. And the rest of the Friends got sucked into the Hellmouth, after realizing that their little NYC was actually all set in a snowglobe.

No, not really. The AP promptly covers the finale's details. The best quote comes from Ellen DeGeneres: "I'm gonna miss the friends, I mean, because we used to watch them once a week. And now, we're only gonna get to see them every day at 3, 5, 7 and 9 -- right after 'Golden Girls,' 'Seinfeld' and 'Law & Order.'"

The Times' Michael Brick tries to find New Yorkers who might fit the Friends mold; he doesn't find a paleontologist but does meet a herpetologist (turtles, people, turtles). And the Daily News' David Bianculli sums up Gothamist's feelings by saying the finale was fine, for a perfectly warmhearted sitcom, but it was "neither exceptional nor overly emotional."