In unsurprising news, the Seaport has canceled more concerts planned for Pier 17 this summer following last week's disastrous show, which was thrown by Paper magazine and included performances by rapper Drake and pop stars Hanson. The magazine had more shows planned for the summer season, including one by Ke$ha, which have now been canceled.

According to the NY Times, Community Board No. 1 of Manhattan received a letter after the show from a representative of General Growth Properties, which owns the Seaport, stating they had “chosen to cancel any forthcoming concerts in conjunction with Paper magazine.” Paper's David Hershkovits had previously said, "I don’t anticipate [a riot] happening for Ke$ha the same way. I don’t think this means anything more than what happened [that] night.”

However, all signs point to poor organization, under-planning and over-promotion of the free show. Police commissioner Ray Kelly even blamed organizers for not being "sufficiently prepared." While Paper expected 10,000 people to show at most, 25,000 were in attendance, and the riotous crowd shut down the show before it even began.

As of now, other concerts at the Seaport are planning to go on as scheduled—and have, in the past, never had a problem (except for, you know, that bitch Mother Nature).