WNBC_Spanning.jpgTwenty years ago today, on WNBC's 6 p.m. newscast a monthly sports segment created by Len Berman made its debut - Spanning the World. Since then, viewers in the tri-state area along with those who catch the segment of wild and wacky sports highlights when Len visits the Today show have been hearing his trademark "and nobody got hurt" along with Don Pardo intoning "Tune in next time for Spanning the World, if there is a next time." We haven't heard of any special anniversary commemoration today, however there will be a half hour 20th anniversary special taped in front of a live audience airing on March 24th at 7:00 p.m. on NBC 4.

The two faces of CBS 2
What WCBS has been doing of late really perplexing. The Sunday morning political show Kirtzman and Kramer has been pulled from the schedule and its hosts reporters Marcia Kramer and Andrew Kirtzman seem to have been pulled of the political beat while the rest of the reporting seems to skew towards tabloid style coverage.

Last week they were the only station to send someone to Arizona to cover the murder of two students from Long Island in Tempe. It did seem a bit excessive, but when they sent Tamsen Fadal to cover the Anna Nicole Smith body case in Florida which only has a very slim local connection - the judge being from the Bronx. True, most of the other stations in the city sent reporters to Florida, but that was to cover the start of spring training for the Mets and Yankees, but they used their respective network's affiliate services to provide coverage of the Smith legal proceedings.

By the end of the week they had two exclusive interviews conducted by Scott Weinberger which seemed more like a way to redeem themselves from their needless sending of reporters to far flung locations needlessly. Thursday the station broadcast a jailhouse interview with Lillo Brancato Jr. a former actor and accused murderer of NYPD officer Daniel Enchautegui. Friday night Weinberger's interview with the mother and sister of murdered college student Immete St. Gullien, marking a year since her death.

The interviews are an example of the kind of reporting that WCBS should be focusing resources on instead of sending general assignment reporters to far flung places where they are not needed.

Quick Hits:
Sharp eyed viewers may have noticed that on Sunday evening WCBS reporter Lou Young was wearing a KCBS "CBS 2" logo baseball cap while reporting the snow in New Jersey and Westchester.

Former Fox 5er James Ford surfaced last week reporting for WPIX as a freelancer.

WABC's Jim Dolan will be reporting from Afghanistan all this week.

Finally, WNBC has launched a new politcial podcast called Politics to Go and they spend about two minutes explaining it on last Thursday's 11 p.m. newscast. The content so far appears to be recycled stories that viewers may have missed on the news, which is typical of what many stations do for podcasts. Now if they could only podcast News Forum. . .