Leave it to the Daily News to get pissed about kids these days, what with their newfangled spraypaint-totin' backpacks and disrespect for private property. While we know that there are some pretty legit graffiti projects out there, the News recently ran an op-ed expressing their extreme displeasure at the announcement of a graffiti-themed exhibit hitting The Brooklyn Museum next year.

"Plans to bring exhibition glorifying graffiti vandalism to the Brooklyn Museum should be tagged NoWay," the piece begins. "They're giving the destruction of other people's property a hallowed place in high-art halls." The show in question, "Art in the Streets," is currently on display at MOCA in Los Angeles, and is curated (surprise!) by former Manhattan gallerist and noted enfant terrible Jeffrey Deitch. Featuring works by Fab 5 Freddy and Swoon, it's the first major US museum exhibition of the history of graffiti and street art (though not the only one in recent memory). There has been some controversy around the event in LA, which has seen a spike in graffiti-related arrests since the exhibit opened earlier this month.

If the show looks anything like this, we can't wait for it to hit town next March. In the meantime, here's a kick-ass video documenting the creation of artists Lee Quinones, Abel, Cern, FUTURA, Loomit, Push, RISK and Sano's "monumental artwork" Birds Of A Feather.