Summer Streets are set to take over the...streets...again next month, with plans to close a stretch of Park Avenue off to cars for a few hours on August 1st, 8th and 15th. Participants are encouraged to enjoy in the usual car-free adventures—rollerblading, jogging, cycling, front handsprings—along with sponsored activities at various rest stops. And there's going to be a GIANT WATERSLIDE, which might help ease the queue at the zipline (but probably not).

From 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the aforementioned Saturdays, cars will be banned along Park Avenue from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park. The city's providing a number of rest stops for lucky meanderers, with one uptown at 52nd Street, another in midtown at 25th Street, one at Astor Place, one at Spring and Lafayette Streets, and a final stop at Foley Square downtown. The GIANT WATERSLIDE (270 feet) will be located at Foley Square—watch the video below, and try not to think of those horror stories your mother told you about children who pee on the rides at Hurricane Harbor:

Other fun activities include a dog park at the Astor Place rest stop; a "Soccer Zone," also at Foley Square; a self-guided public art/architectural walking tour (pick up the maps at Astor Place); Parkour classes at the Uptown stop; a Whole Foods Summer Camp in Midtown, and the return of the 165-foot-long zip line, also at Foley Square. There'll also be bike and rollerblade rentals along the route—the Department of Transportation's website has a full list of activities and their according locations.