The NY Times and CityRoom have been collecting their readers' subway reading material choices, and there's an article in the Times with a little bit of what they've offered: "There are those whose commutes are carefully timed to the length of a Talk of the Town section of The New Yorker, those who methodically page their way through the classics, and those who always carry a second trash novel in case they unexpectedly make it to the end of the first on a glacial F train." Some are reading scripts—hoping for a part—while others are reading religious texts (the Talmud) and even 5-8 year-old summer day campers are reading (The Baby-Sitters Club). One CityRoom commenter said, "I don’t read newspapers on the subway — I might get depressed and jump in front of a train," which would obviously earn them the wrath of their fellow riders, while another said, "Newspapers are for online reading." What are you reading on the train? A few weeks ago, we were reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on a 7 train...and noticed that the guy on the right was also reading it.