2008_07_sitour.jpgThe reviews are in! And the word on the street is that the Staten Island bus tour is, well, perhaps off to a slow start. When the NY Times visited, the bus had five passengers (Gray Line said "it often takes up to five years before a new tour catches on"). Most passengers aren't even leaving the bus during stops to explore; one said she only wanted to take the ferry over because she saw Carrie do it in Sex and the City. Le sigh. So, what are people safely tucked aboard the bus seeing? Where Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach" video was filmed, Wagner College (Joan Baez's father taught there!) and Mandolin Brothers guitar shop, "which has been visited by the likes of Jimmy Buffett, George Harrison and Suzanne Vega." And if her tune "Song for Sharon" is to be believed, Joni Mitchell once bought a mandolin there. Meanwhile, the Staten Island Advance is painting a different picture, with photos of filled seats.