Well, that was quick. Over the weekend, we brought you the news that the Williamsburg Hasidic community was riled up over The Amazing Spider-Man 2's "culturally insensitive" plan to shoot in South Williamsburg over Passover; now, it appears Columbia Pictures will only shoot indoors over the holiday.

The production company's original proposal was to close off four streets from March 22nd-27th while they filmed in the Marcy Avenue Armory on Lynch Street. But local and community leaders complained that the shoot would be disruptive over Passover, which starts on March 25th, particularly because it would cut down on parking, so now the production will only close off half a block, and the shoot will stay indoors. "Reducing the amount of parking the production uses will avoid the parking struggle that had been anticipated and will allow everyone celebrating the opportunity to safely enjoy the holiday with friends and family," Councilmember Steve Levin said. And added, to Spider-Man, "Thank you for letting my people park."

But don't think this is the end of Spider-Man's struggle, since there are still some unhappy locals who want to get the superhero out of the area entirely. "There shouldn’t be a compromise. It’s the holiday. This shouldn’t be done during Passover, period," religious leader Gary Schlesinger told DNAinfo. Just wait until Emma Stone shows up: Gwen Stacy's fishnets are going to drive the neighborhood wild.