Self-portraiturists rejoice: Anish Kapoor's "Sky Mirror" sculpture was unveiled this morning at Rockefeller Center. Any photoblogger worth their memory card is planning a visit today, so to get into the spirit, we're going to award a Gothamist t-shirt to the shooter who captures the best sky-mirror shot. Add your link in the comments below, and we'll announce a winner at 6pm.

To get things started, here are some shots that have already been taken:
Jason Kottke drew first blood on Monday night
Razor Apple visited yesterday and caught the polishing
JauntyJoker was there later on and got some moody night shots
Brian Sholis went this morning and got the shot above, along with some others
More night shots from MinusBaby on Flickr.
LamontPhotography has a few shots from the afternoon.

Update: oh what the hell-- we couldn't resist the lure of a bright shiny mirror, so we took the train up to check it out. Sky Mirror is bigger than we expected-- much, much bigger. From the west approach, it does exactly what it says: mirror the sky. Today, that meant reflecting a dull, cloudy scene-- but it'll probably be very impressive on blue-sky days. From the east side, you get to see ten thousand tourists taking the same photograph, which is sort of cool. On the whole, the installation is visually compelling, but not the kind of mind-blowing spectacle as Cloud Gate, the Kapoor sculpture in Chicago. So on the whole, we give it an "ahhh.. ehhh."

Here are some shots we took during our visit-- we caught a panorama of the whole site, along with some pix of the artist Anish Kapoor. Special bonus: Stephanie Simon from NY1 doing her standup.