METSRIPTEE.jpgThe death rattle can still be heard in Queens, but everyone is quick to capitalize on the demise of Shea Stadium. Following the city's lead, NY artist Michael Shea (real name) has created quite a hybrid t-shirt, crossing the Mets logo with the Grateful Dead skull. Why? Because people will pay for it, for at least another few weeks, or until the MLB shuts down sales.

TONY reports that the limited-edition RIP Shea Stadium shirt is not the artist's first get-rich-quick scheme; "When he was younger he heard about Jeff Koons financing his art career by working as a stockbroker and thought that it made a good deal of sense. Ever since then he has come up with art projects that happen to be very lucrative. When he created souvenir T-shirts for The Gates installation in Central Park, he made enough money in one day to pay two months’ rent."

Want in on the action? The shirts are $26.86 and being sold at And check out these photographs of Shea being torn down--and Citi Field being built--from WCBS 880.