Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live; Photo: NBC

With the penultimate episode of The Apprentice tonight with TWO firings, there's a ton of news floating around. Like how the runnerup gets to work at KFC as the CSO for a week (salary: $25,000 for the week) and the whole Ereka-Omarosa fight (check out how Carolyn says Omarosa has "bad management skills" - sigh, Carolyn, you rule, even if you do work for Donald Trump). There's a "You're


Funny! Salute to the Apprentice" at Caroline's tonight. Considering the timing is 7-9PM, this doesn't sound like a very good deal to Gothamist, what with the $35 cover and two drink minimum, since anyone remotely interested in the Apprentice would want to be near a TV, even if fired Sam Solovey, the Sotheby's auctioneer Jamie Niven and Marquis Jet owner Kenny Dichter will be there. Finally, the Morning News looks at the sham of episode 7's apartment challenge.

Also Donald Trump beat a tic-tac-toe playing chicken, after doing a Chicken Dance on Saturday Night Live last weekend. The show wasn't that good, and until we review from Nummer & H-Bomb at whatevs, Gothamist would like to point out the best part of the episode: Fear Factor Junior. stereogum TRANSCRIBED the sketch (with screenshots!) but lindsayism points out the importance of ellipsis.

Also, Gothamist hopes that Ask Gothamist, our new advice site, will answer this question, "What does it mean when you have to hide your love for watching The Apprentice from your significant other? Is this relationship doomed?"