As anyone who has watched The Warriors upwards of a dozen times can tell you, subways covered in graffiti used to be the norm—nowadays, you're lucky if you see even a single defiled Gregg T poster. But every once in a while, some intrepid graffiti artists are able to remake a train in their image. And that's just what happened to a Q train this weekend.

The photo above, which was posted to the Progressive Action Facebook page (it's a private group where TWU members "can join in and express their feelings and concerns about the job and where we need to be"), shows a Q train parked at the 96th Street station on the 2nd Avenue Subway line around 5 a.m. Monday morning. Conductor Tramell Thompson, a transit activist who runs the Progressive Action page, said the tagger got to the train while it was parked just off the platform overnight, according to the Post.

"If they can go back there and have the time to do all of that graffiti, they have time to do something to the train," Thompson said. "It’s obvious they have no security back there."

Back in April, the NYPD arrested three Spanish nationals for allegedly vandalizing subway train cars with "European style graffiti" in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. All three ended up pleading guilty, with one insisting he had no idea tagging was illegal: "In Spain, it is normal and not a serious crime."

Back in 2006, it was estimated that 70% of subway graffiti was made by Europeans. The MTA has gotten faster at taking tagged trains out of service, as most of the "bombings" are done in rail yards, but some occasionally slip through.

Could this be the work of the people behind another subway spray job earlier this year?