Videos: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Brings "Magic Mike" Moves To SNL

The son of the Most Interesting Man In The World "can make a woman cringe just by entering a room... He can almost do a 180 on his Razor scooter..." Stick around for Jason Sudekis as his dad.

The cold open with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan includes a brooding appearance by RPatz.

What undecided voters really want to know: "When is the election?"

Is this lovesick dinosaur hypnotized or not?

A private detective who relies on caricatures.

"That's why I choose the one brand of tampons created by the people that know my body best...the gentleman of the Republican party."

Some very, very fashion-conscious rappers present their latest line, "Unstinkable."

On Weekend Update, Anne Romney drops by to pay tribute to Beyoncé ("Everyone says I'm unrelatable because I had a horse in the Olympics...I would kill that horse if I could meet Beyoncé"); Stephen A. Smith pontificates about Tim Tebow ("Tim Tebow's throwing arm is proof that there is no God"); and Seth Meyers wants to know what the heck President Obama is doing.

Mumford and Sons perform "I Will Wait" and "Below My Feet"

"Please stop drawing butts and wieners on our advertisements."

We present our daughter to song form...