Going to the Heart of Hart Island

<p>"In 1935, a new Catholic chapel was built to replace one which had, by that point, become dilapidated. The chapel is still in remarkably good shape."</p>

<p>Interior of the church, looking toward the altar.</p>

<p>The dedication plaque on the Pavilion building.</p>

<p>A room full of shoes.</p>

<p>"Patients at Phoenix House did occupational therapy as a part of their treatment. In the Pavilion building, they worked on leather shoes" which can now be found scattered around nearby.</p>

<p>"Some patient beds remain on the somewhat more intact southern side of the building."</p>

<p>The first floor of the Pavilion building, likely a dining hall.</p>

<p>"Many of the smaller structures on the island were used by the Department of Corrections as records storage buildings."</p>

Open burial pit with goose nest

Photo by Richard Nickel Jr. via

<p>A room with empty pine boxes inside. "The bags full of Tyvek suits and rubber gloves helped tell the story of the boxes - here were the former resting places of people who had been buried on Hart Island, but disinterred at the requests of their families."</p>

<p>Southern entrance to the Pavilion building.</p>