Behind the Scenes At The Macy's 4th Of July Fireworks

<p>This is the 34th year of the Macy's fireworks display. </p>

<p>Each of the six barges is surprisingly large!</p>

<p>There are three different sized launching setups- this set of narrow pipes pointing straight up is one. The tarps cover the displays at night to keep them dry, but the fireworks are actually waterproof- they can be shot even in the rain. </p>

<p>These are the largest launchers- they are filled with sand, and take a 10" shell. </p>

<p>Very carefully moving a pile of explosives on the pier behind the barges.</p>

<p>Diagrams tell the pyro-techs where to place each launcher and how to wire them together. </p>

<p>Pyro-techs loading shells into the pipes. </p>

<p>Adding some wires to the setup.</p>

<p>These are mock-shells. You can see how they make patterns: black powder at the center, and different colored charges arranged around the outside. </p>

<p>Everyone's favorite shell, the smiley-face, can be seen in the middle. </p>

<p>More shell types- at the right is the one that makes the rings. </p>

<p>The hardworking and unrecognized ingredient in fireworks setup: lots of pipes for the launchers.</p>