Beatrice Inn Classing up Atlantic City

<p>The Game Room at the Chelsea Inn is on the 5th Floor, where most of the entertainment and dining is housed.</p>

<p>More of the game room.</p>

<p>Christmastime in the AC.</p>

<p>Learn from your surroundings: There used to be an Elephant Hotel in Atlantic City, and Monopoly was based on the area.</p>

<p>Another lounge area on the 5th Floor.</p>

<p>The patio off the dining area and the 5th Floor lounges. There's an oceanview from the end.</p>

<p>The lobby.</p>

<p>An oceanview king room will only cost you...</p>

<p>The room decor.</p>

<p>Room service.</p>

<p>The mini bar prices are absurd.</p>

<p>In-room coffee service.</p>

<p>Things to do while at a seasonal hotel off-season: watch The Shining.</p>

<p>Skeeball is just a short walk away.</p>

<p>A little history lesson.</p>

<p>You might briefly forget you're in New Jersey, until you turn your head right or left.</p>

<p>The Prime restaurant. Diner beware.</p>

<p>Teplitzky's, the downstairs daytime restaurant.</p>