All Tomorrow's Parties Loosens Its Borscht Belt

<p>Crowd surfers get tossed about during Jesus Lizards' set.</p>

<p>Folks hang by the resort's lake as the weather finally clears</p>


<p>Animal Collective </p>

<p>Sufjan Stevens welcomes the crowd to the second day of the festival</p>

<p>ATP regulars Shellac </p>

<p>Aussie teens Bridezilla</p>

<p>Bradford Cox as Atlas Sound</p>

<p>Eugene Mirman on the comedy stage</p>

<p>Panda Bear performing solo</p>

<p>WFMU broadcasting from the festival</p>

<p>Zach Galifinakis look alike Sam Beam, aka Iron &amp; Wine</p>