A cold, steady rain definitely dampened spirits at MoMA PS1's first Warm Up dance party of the season yesterday, but an impressive number of people still filled the museum's courtyard to drink beer dressed in a plastic bag (or under an umbrella).

To be fair, there were those who arrived in Long Island City primed to party, terrible weather be damned, so there was some dancing on the muddy ground (the museum didn't bother putting down the usual floor), and most people seemed to be having a decent time getting tipsy.

Those who couldn't deal with the elements crammed into this weird corner alcove space PS1 set aside for non-VIPs, from which you could kind of see the revelry in the rain from under a roof. The M. Wells Dinette was also jam-packed, with all tables removed, and you could hear the music from there.

This weekend also marked the unveiling of COSMO, the huge courtyard installation by Andres Jaque winner of this year's Young Architects Program. The YAP installation always serves as a kind of aesthetic anchor for the Warm Up! parties, as well as providing shade, some sort of misting feature, and hopefully (but not always), a few places to sit. COSMO, which purifies 3,000 gallons of water every four days through a series of ecosystems linked by scores of irrigation tubes, looks pretty cool, and is obviously some sort of bioengineering marvel, but it was hard to tell in the crap weather how much interaction is possible.

Also, COSMO's giant central funnel apparently glows in the dark, providing a "disco ball" to trip out on, but given that it was basically pouring by the time it got dark yesterday, I'm going to have to come back later this summer to see how that looks.

All in all, this is a much more appealing event when it's warm and sunny, especially since these days most of the PS1's galleries are closed during the party, a relatively new policy that takes away all of your alternative entertainment options.

Warm Up happens every Saturday, 3 to 9 p.m., through September 5th.